My Grandfather Tweeted To Me From The 1920s

Earlier this year I had the great fortune of spending several days going through some of my grandmother’s belongings. Among the pictures and old documents were some real treasures; my great grandmother’s scrapbooks and my grandfather’s journals.

The scrapbooks were very interesting and even of some historical significance for a few small towns in New Hampshire. They were also a window into my great grandmother’s life and consist of newspaper cut-outs of recipes, birth, and death notices for family and friends. I still need to spend more time going through those books because I spent most of my time reading my grandfather’s journals. Continue reading “My Grandfather Tweeted To Me From The 1920s”


OldĀ Notes

I keep notes on scraps of paper, or full legal pad pages, or in random pages in a notebook. They are not organized in any manner except the order in which they were created and put away. I have tried doing the same on the computer (I love Evernote for this) but what I enjoy most about my paper notes is how they bring back the memories of the days and nights during their creation. Continue reading “OldĀ Notes”