Writer, Employed Elsewhere

The struggles for a writer working full time at something other than writing go beyond finding time or a place to write. In fact, those may be the most easily overcome because if you love writing, you will find a way. What can be more challenging is letting the creative mind loose. Continue reading “Writer, Employed Elsewhere”


New Page: The Midnight List

Since the subtitle for this blog says it deals with reading I thought it was time to collect my recommended; best books ever into a single coherent list. I once worked on a definitive “Major Authors” list for a book distributor and it was both entertaining and enlightening. The Midnight List is not as extensive nor is it meant to be definitive but it is comprehensive of the best reads of my reading life. The list will grow and change over time. I hope it proves useful and perhaps inspire others to read something they missed or have forgotten about.

It is a permanent page located: https://midnightflyer.wordpress.com/the-midnight-list