Doing The Work

Last month I stole a little energy from NaNoWriMo and stepped back from the blogo-social-sphere. While communicating with writers and readers is an important activity in the life of a writer, the most important is writing. Yes, it is work, and yes you must practice. A writer must also read and should read both good and bad books; a writer learns from everything they read. Like any vocation, writing will only get better if it is performed, then studied, and performed again.

So what did I get for a month’s worth of more writing and more reading? Two short story drafts and a full third of a draft of the current novel in progress. There were also many more ideas for stories and novels which rose to the surface during that time. This must continue. While I am not participating in NaNoWriMo I am taking the time to focus on doing the work. This month, editing and more drafting. I also hope to have some suggested books to read posted shortly.

Now, back to the work.


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