Farksolia: The Mystery of an Author Denied

Barbara Follett was a child prodigy when it came to writing and world building. Her life, documented by her nephew, seemed to conspire against her and ultimately left much of the promise of her young brilliance denied to her. This despite the obvious energy and determination she exhibited. Then she disappeared. This gem of a … Continue reading Farksolia: The Mystery of an Author Denied


The Man Who Could Not Disappear

I ran across this little mystery published in Slate recently and found it rich story soil. The idea that someone in the public eye might wish to disappear but find they are more well known and sought after once they have vanished is intriguing. As a for instance, imagine how a reluctant hero has her … Continue reading The Man Who Could Not Disappear

Priming the Creative Pump

I enjoy reading about history and often, when the creative juices just aren't bubbling the way I'd like, I randomly pick up a book of history and start reading. Usually what I read does not produce a direct result on what I am writing but the very act of reading about and thinking about history … Continue reading Priming the Creative Pump