The Midnight Reader

This is a list of the best short stories I’ve read in the past month. These stories were published online, though some may also have been published in a print journal or e-zine. These online stories represent excellent work, often by new writers, and I simply wish them well and a wider audience.

August through October 2017
Only one title, not because nothing good was posted but because I have not been able to search them out and read them. Still, this one is a gem:
Ghostling by E. Catherine Tobler
E. Catherine Tobler:

July Best 2017

The Dead Father Cookbook by Ashley Boom Ashley Bloom:

What if I Fall by Anne Dafeta Anne Dafeta:

Ten Thousand Sleeping Beauties by Jocelyn Koehler Jocelyn Koehler:

Each of these are by writers without long publishing credentials but are excellent strong voices.

Other Good July 2017 stories

Birds on an Island by Charlie Bookout

The Voice of the People by Alison Moore

The Hidden by Melissa Pleckham


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